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Mo’Lovin Farms is a local CSA farm in Chandler, Arizona. LocalHarvest helps you find local, organic, farm-fresh food near you.

Our Farm Blue Sky Organic Farms is a family farm located in Litchfield, AZ.  We have been farming in sunny Arizona since 1995.  We grow 100% of the produce we offer and are extremely proud to be certified organic.  You can find a great selection…

The Greenheart Farms Story In the fall of 1979, Greenheart Farms, Inc. was established by Henry & Connie Katzenstein and Hoy Buell on a 40-acre eucalyptus forest in Arroyo Grande, California. Leo & Sylvia Wolf and David & Harriet…

Providing the Phoenix area with access to naturally grown, nutrient dense produce isn’t what we thought we would be doing when we first started a business together. It just sort of happened, but providing people with good food is now our passion and…

Pam and her husband, Dave, raise quail and chicken at their home in Chino Valley. They bring an assortment of tasty pickled treats to the Chino Valley market: quail eggs, asparagus, and other veggies.