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                ** Featured Herb   – Rosemary
** Featured Herbalsit – Bradley Goss
** Featured Business- Seed Shack 

                                       Rosmarinus officinalis 
Botanical description – Rosemary is an evergreen that grows to the height of two to six feet with pale blue flowers and spiky leathery leaves (all varieties have leaves that resemble pine needles).  The leaves are glossy green on the top and lighter gray-green underneath.  In mild climates you will see rosemary bushes used as boarder plants. 

Plant Herstory – Rosemary is a bush perennial that  grows in abundance in the Mediterranean area as well as isolated areas in Turkey, Lebanon and Egypt, it was relocated to England by the Romans in the 8th century, primarily  in the southern part of the country, Charlemagne ordered rosemary to be grown on his farms in the 10th century Spain, and introduced to the new world by immigrants, it has a historical association with the Virgin Mary (the flowers received their light blue color when fleeing to Egypt washed her shawl and placed it on a rosemary bush to dry) , in the middle ages rosemary was associated with wedding ceremonies, it then evolved into a love charm, newly wed couples would plant a branch of rosemary on their wedding day and if the branch grew it was a good omen for the union and the family, and it was also used during the Black Plague to combat disease and used as incense.
Cultivation – Rosemary does well if grown in pots or containers, needs winter protection, is susceptible to root rot if overwatered, use light well-drained soil, prune to encourage branching, remove dead leaves and stems, may grow indoors by a sunny window in a cool room planted in well-draining soil and misted  regularly, grows best in neutral to alkaline conditions (ph7 – 7.8), can be propagated from an existing plant by clipping a shoot from new growth 4-6 inches long, stripping a few leaves from the bottom and placed directly into the soil, sow seeds indoor in the early spring to a depth of 1/8  of an inch, transplant outdoors when all dangers of frost have pasted
Wildcrafting – Avoid harvesting while the plant is blooming, harvest only well- established plants that have hardened off which is usually in summer or early fall, prime time for harvesting is just prior to flowering, cut the stems just above the woody growth and avoid dry, brown or yellowing leaves, dry it quickly to help  retain its green color and essential oils and longer stems may be hung upside down in  a dark area with good air circulation.

Meet our Featured Herbalist

Bradley Goss
Integrative Physical Concepts
Brad has been an International Sports Science Association (ISSA) Certified Fitness Trainer for many years, and enjoys training and educating clients.  Bradley is also a certified Fitness Nutritional Specialist and Behavioral Change Specialist with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM).
He is a certified Level 2 Detoxification Specialist through The International School of Detoxification and has worked with many clients to bring health and vitality to their lives.  Also, Bradley is actively working as a Clinical Herbalist and Nutritional Consultant along with working with National Testing Network conducting and supervising psychological and physical testing for Firefighters and Law Enforcement Officers throughout the United States.   In addition he works as a CPAT Coach, Herbal Counselor and Fitness Trainer for candidates of Fire Departments throughout the United States, providing strategy, technique and nutritional counseling. His degrees are in Holistic Health Care, Western Herbal Medicine, Holistic Nutrition and Fitness Nutrition.
Bradley wants people to know that they can bring health and vitality to their body and life, using Gods herbs, detoxification techniques, and a whole foods plant based diet to clean, strengthen and re-energize their bodies.
You can contact Brad at 480-280-7708

Seed Shack
Eat. Chill. Love.

Seed Shack is a mom & pop vegan restaurant which drives to promote a friendly planted based eating experience for all. We serve a diverse menu comprised of American/ Oriental fusion cuisine with seasonal herbs and ingredients.
Make sure to check out their amazing menu.
3861 E Baseline Rd Ste K136
Gilbert, Arizona

Call (480) 488-8217


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