Featured by PETA as one of the seven “Asian-American/Pacific Islander vegan business owners who inspire and influence us with their ambition, mission, and merchandise, [Queenie is] changing the face of the animal rights movement one cruelty-free and vegan item at a time. Purchasing their products not only supports their businesses but also enhances our quality of life, benefits the environment, and—of course—saves animals’ lives,” which is why ahimsa Essentials was chosen as one of 7 Vegan Companies Run by Asian American Women Deserv[ing] All Your Money.

Queenie met her soulmate, Sean, while volunteering during Hurricane Katrina Relief. As an environmental engineer and a naturopath, they have received life-changing testimonials for their all-natural and plant-based formulas utilizing the therapeutic properties of essential oils combined with sustainable oils and butters. They named their company after the Sanskrit word, ahimsa, which means against violence, to embody their mission to cause no injury, to do no harm in thoughts, words or actions to self, others, and the environment. They donate most of the profits to animal causes and local charities and will soon be a 501c(3) non-profit, an impactful foundation to spread ahimsa.

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