We may very well be the most unconventional winery in the United States. Unlike traditional wineries, that harvest and crush grapes in September or October, then ferment; we are using fruits and other ingredients that come into season at every part of the year. We schedule our winemaking with the ripening of the next coming fruit harvest. It may be watermelons in the summer, strawberries in late fall, or honeydew melons in early winter. We work directly with farmers to get the freshest NON-GMO fruits we can get (sometimes we even pick the fruit ourselves).

We only use organic Herbs in our Herbal wines. With the exception of our Buckwheat meads, all of our honeys are of Arizona origin (there is no Buckwheat growing in AZ). The fact is that there is no “real” organic honey anymore, as there are few places in the world that bees can feed in an organic fashion. As the winemaker, Ray has worked diligently to come up with recipes that do not require long aging to be flavorful.

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