Mission Statement

We are committed to connecting with the community to provide education in conservation practices. Healing the land and ourselves.



Bringing people together. Building new relationships.

EcoFlora is committed to the education and support of local ecological awareness and issues surrounding plant sustainability, and the healing qualities of medicinal plants.

  • Education of medicinal plants in local EcoRegion
  • Increase awareness of issues regarding plant sustainability. 
  • Promote ecological health along with research in indigenous plants and plant medicine.

EcoFlora strives to serve as a liaison between local businesses, who participate in the integrity and renewing of the earth. Through the EcoConnection Directory we want to foster cooperation between local businesses while encouraging the development of a stronger more sustainable community. We believe in a LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE, RESOURCE SHARING community. 

  • Strengthen the community and communication between LOCAL businesses which support a SUSTAINABLE economy.
  • Encourage the development of a LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE community through education and monthly support gatherings. 
  • Foster high standards of ethics and integrity among local businesses. 
  • Establish a directory of diverse businesses that equally recognizes the high standards and integrity in the local community.

EcoFlora values the relationship between the individual business and the environmental health, and we are dedicated to promoting an economy can live on and sustain itself for generations.
Our work involves, education and research of local plants and herbal medicine, along with supporting local sustainable businesses. EcoFlora is a 501(c) 3 non-profit.